Why Your Business Needs Last Mile Delivery

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Why Your Business Needs Last Mile Delivery

Have you ever wondered what all this hype is about Last Mile Delivery and if you would ever use it? Well here's why you should...

Last mile delivery options are quickly becoming an integral part of many large companies and corporations. Why you ask? Because customers are more demanding and knowledgeable than ever. They want their items delivered in record time and in mint condition, which doesn't seem like they're asking for much but up until recently, consumers perceived the wait as commonplace for delivery companies or services.

To us, Last Mile Delivery is an integral part of the supply chain. It’s where the product makes its way to the customer. In the past, the last mile has been a blackout period of sorts for the consumer, where they lose track of their item and tracking software provides the dreaded and extremely vague "Package is on its way to your location" which might mean an hour, or they could be waiting a few days. You wouldn’t cut corners on manufacturing or packaging, so why cut corners on your delivery strategy? The additional attention you use to create a timely and painless delivery experience for your customers can go a long way in showcasing your commitment to customers and appreciation for their business. Furthermore, being as the last mile is also the last point of contact with the customer. It's crucial this step is executed with precision and care.


Your business can definitely benefit from Last Mile Delivery options if you've experienced any of the following;

  • Rising Transportation Costs – Circulating products between distribution centres, warehouses and retail stores can quickly increase fuel, equipment and staff costs. Final Mile Delivery specialists are extremely flexible. We can pick up inventory at the location most convenient for you. This drastically reduces the amount of time and money spent on getting your products to a warehouse or retail store before being sent to the end user.
  • Damaged Items – Ever receive customer complaints about an item arriving damaged? While it could be due to a wide variety of reasons, items can be easily be damaged if handled incorrectly or carelessly. It's safe to say that in general, the more times you shipment is moved, the more you run the risk of incurring damage. Unlike low-rate delivery companies that just want to get the job done, last mile delivery carriers employ skilled teams that take extra care when loading, transporting and unloading items.
  • Blackout Period in Supply Chain – Many business owners believe their work/sale is complete once the shipment is passed onto a delivery company but in reality, one of the most crucial legs of the process has yet to take place. How do you your shipment was received at the expected time and in proper condition? What if there was an unforeseen delay? One of the biggest benefits Last Mile Delivery offers is real time tracking information . A reputable carrier should keep you informed every step of the way, and also provide proof of delivery when your products are received by the end customer.

Last Mile Delivery Made Simple

At Urban Valley Transport, we place tremendous emphasis on customer service. In the same manner that you’re committed to providing your customers with the best service possible, we’re committed to providing you with Last Mile Delivery options you can count on.

Years of experience in the industry coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the elements necessary to create a rock solid supply chain have enabled Urban Valley Transport to be the leading choice for Last Mile Delivery in British Columbia.

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