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Dedicated Route Delivery Service

Urban Valley is the leading choice in British Columbia as a provider of outsourced fleet solutions, supplying dedicated equipment and drivers to businesses big and small. With our professional operations team and a network of resources across British Columbia, our dedicated transportation services focus on the critical “bottom line” of your business while maintaining industry leading customer service.


Take advantage of the benefits of having your own fleet without the liabilities, expenses and stress of managing it yourself. Whether you choose to have the trucks and drivers outfitted in your brand or ours, the equipment and drivers will be working out of your business.


Urban Valley always ensures your fleet is of optimal size. Our operations team can promise this because we work arduously to ensure routing is at peak efficiency, and if required, we have the capabilities to supply additional equipment and drivers when needed.


An independent study performed by Ernst & Young confirms that small to medium sized fleets can save between 5% to 36% annually by outsourcing their delivery needs.

What Are The Benefits?



Economic and seasonal fluctuations require a fleet to grow and shrink quickly and often. By outsourcing your fleet services, you remove this risk and ensure your fleet is of optimal size at all times of the year.


Trained Drivers

Driver shortages are a big issue for private fleet operators. We take care of all driver recruitment, screening and testing, and industry-leading safety and compliance training.



It's rare for a company to be leading in their industry while also maintaining an efficient transportation network. By outsourcing your fleet, you can focus on your core competencies while we focus on ours


Risk Reduction

We take care of all training and safety, and compliance standards. We also bear full responsibility of accident investigations, cargo claims, and insurance.


Network Leveraging

Connecting with a dedicated fleet provider will provide you with the expertise and experience of world-class managers, drivers, and dispatchers which allows you to provide the highest level of customer service.


Seamless Transition

We take care of the details. Our implementation process and project management team ensure a seamless transition. Plus, we can acquire your   existing equipment and team.


Intelligence Through Technology

Full visibility into your supply chain performance, custom reports, and tracking of KPIs for continuous improvement.


Superior Maintenance and Safety

We take extraordinary care of our fleet. We run an exceptional preventive maintenance program that far exceeds federal and provincial standards.


Our fleet includes many types and configurations of equipment, all equipped with the latest technology.

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