Urban Valley Transport has been committed to being the leading Aldergrove Courier company for many years and is striving to ensure we continue working hand in hand with businesses big and small in this great municipality. 

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About Aldergrove

Aldergrove is a community in the Township of Langley within British Columbia, Canada,approximately 59 km east of Vancouver. The community is urban in nature and, although not incorporated as a town, is often referred to as one.

Aldergrove is located at the southeastern edge of both the Township of Langley and the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area near the western edge of the Abbotsford metropolitan area. It is home to one of the Lower Mainland's five land border crossings, connecting Aldergrove and Lynden, Washington.

Aldergrove Courier

Aldergrove might be best known for its connection to television, where it has hosted both Smallville and Bates Motel for many years. Bates Motel is set in modern times and the first season was filmed in the fall of 2012. The set for the original home is located in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, however a replica has been built on the Southern outskirts of  the community, where the series is filmed. The set is located on 272nd Street. Principal photography for the third season began on October 20, 2014 and was completed on March 1, 2015.