Right Tools for the Right Job

Time is of the essence as you glance out your office window anxiously anticipating the arrival of the delivery truck you’ve requested. Finally, you see a delivery van pulling into the loading dock. On its side, it has the name of the delivery service you called. But this can’t be your delivery truck. It’s not even close to big enough.


Out at the loading dock, you ask the driver “Is this it?” as you point at the delivery van. The puzzled look on the driver’s face says it all. Finally, he mutters, “Well, yeah. I mean, this is the only delivery van we have available.” You’ve just realized, your customer’s order isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s not leaving the dock until someone shows up with a delivery truck big enough to handle the job.


For a delivery service to fully meet the needs of its clients, it has to have the appropriate equipment for the job. That means it will have dollies and pallet jacks, strapping to secure loads and two-wheel carts where needed. It will have delivery trucks that align with loading docks so shipments can be easily rolled on board.


A quality delivery service has a fleet of delivery trucks and delivery vans to meet virtually any of its clients’ shipping needs. For instance, Urban Valley's fleet of delivery trucks includes Sprinter vans, 16-foot box delivery trucks, 18-foot snub-nose delivery trucks and even dual-axle delivery trucks that can hold loads to 30,000 pounds.


A Sprinter delivery van is a maneuverable vehicle that can handle narrow streets and alleys for downtown deliveries. Surprisingly, an 18-foot snub-nose delivery truck is also excellent at negotiating tight surroundings as the driver is at the very front of the vehicle and can look straight down at the pavement.

Having the right delivery truck sometimes refers to the height of the delivery truck, as well. A delivery service that doesn’t have a delivery truck or the proper equipment to handle your shipment will best leave your shipment where it started. A quality delivery service, such as Urban Valley Transport, knows this and has the proper equipment to handle any job.

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