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Posted: Jul 19, 2017 6:24 PM | Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017 8:01 PM

PRINCE GEORGE, BC — Highway closures continue as wildfires rage throughout British Columbia’s central interior.
Sections of Highway 97 are closed, except to evacuees fleeing south, as well as highway 5A, and highway 99, which is closed except for those bringing in supplies for crews working to battle the blaze.

Highways 20 and 24 are also facing re-direction. For up-to-date highway closure information consult the Drive BC website. While crews are fighting to put out existing fires, more are being added every day as B.C.’s wildfire season is far from over.

Andrew Hopkins, spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross, says they are preparing for further fire activity throughout the summer, as wildfire season usually peaks in August. Currently there are 118 active wildfires burning in the province.

“The Red Cross is helping meet the urgent needs of people impacted by the fires in B.C., with more than 46,000 people already evacuated. Starting today, some small communities are beginning to return to their homes,” Hopkins said in an email. 

The Canadian Red Cross is being aided by the trucking industry as they work to assist fire crews, the B.C. government, and those displaced by the fires, including providing nearly 10,000 shelters with supplies.

“Moving these items immediately to where people need them takes coordinated transport and storage solutions,” Hopkins said truckers and Trucks for Change has been integral to that process.


While many looking to help may be seeking to donate food, blankets, or other items, Hopkins says money donated to the Canadian Red Cross may be more helpful.

“While in-kind donations of food, clothing and other items are well-intentioned, the Canadian Red Cross is not accepting them,” he said. “Miscellaneous items may not always be exactly what the affected people require and would incur storage, processing and transportation costs. Financial donations provide flexibility to quickly respond to evacuees’ changing needs.”

The Red Cross works closely with local governments to determine what support is most needed. Donation to help those affected by the fires can be made here.

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