Courier Myth Busters

Every industry has its myths. And every company has to combat them. Let’s look at some other industries with myths that they have to combat. An example:

PR professionals hang out with celebrities and do all sorts of glamorous activities. As an ex-PR pro, I can tell you that this is a major myth. PR people do all behind the scenes work. Any available glamour is given to the people they represent. Myth busted.

As a British Columbia courier company, we also have to combat the myths about the courier industry as a whole. Although I am not sure where the myths originate, they do exist. People have ideas in their heads, and I intend to BUST THOSE MYTHS!! Watch out, I am about to blow up some myths about couriers!

  1. Delivering a package on my own will save me money. My, oh my, if I had a dime for every time I heard this myth. And if your Lower Mainland couriers had a dime for every time someone told them this. We would be very wealthy people!
    1. MYTH BUSTED: In actuality, being your own courier can be a waste of money. The obvious costs include gas, insurance and general car wear and tear. The not so obvious cost? Time. When you or your employees act as the company courier, you are losing valuable time.
  2. There is no reason to use a courier for a one-time delivery. You need a Christmas gift delivered to a client. Might as well do it yourself, right? Wrong!
    1. MYTH BUSTED:  Our local providers are experts in one-time, same-day deliveries throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond. One time is one time too many do be your own courier. Spend your time working on your to-do list and leave the delivering to us.
  3. A courier is no better or quicker than me. You’ve lived in BC your whole life. You know the roads and high traffic time. You know it all.
    1. MYTH BUSTED: Well, you don’t really know it all. You don’t know where the best routes are and what time of day is best for which streets. Who does? Our dispatchers. Urban Valley Transport and couriers alike are in constant communication with our dispatchers, so they are there right when you need them.
  4. It’s too expensive to use a Fraser Valley courier. Money is always the name of the game. We know that. But check this out:
    1. MYTH BUSTED: Have your delivery ready early? Sign up for a 4 hour delivery. It is cheaper and very cost effective. Adding in all the hidden costs of doing a delivery on your own makes outsourcing your delivery needs an attractive option.
  5. It’s more professional to deliver it myself. You are dressed nicely. You know the client. Might as well do it yourself, eh?
    1. MYTH BUSTED. I hate to bust yet another, but I just have to! Our drivers are an extension of your companies. They are always professionally uniformed and friendly to your clients. Moreover, they get the job done without taking their time or taking incorrect routes. What do I mean by that? Well, when you make a delivery on your own, you run the risk of not only getting lost but also of ending up in a conversation with a client that is all too often very time consuming. Both of you have more important work to do, but you talk to fill a social courtesy. Hiring a courier company means you can stick to your to-do list and leave the chit chat to someone else.

After this couriers in BC post, I think Myth Busters should consider hiring us. We've done a heckuva job breaking down the myths about courier companies. If you were a skeptic, we hope we changed your mind. The courier industry is one of the greatest time and money savers for our clients, and we are honoured to be a trusted service provider for the entire Fraser Valley.

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