5 Courier Nightmares

 Courier Nightmares:


We will dive straight in at the deep end with probably one of the most extreme cases I have ever read about concerning a courier issue. During the run-up to Christmas one year, a driver for a very well known courier firm faked his own kidnapping in order to steal 205 parcels! Not only did he steal over £13,000 worth of products, he also wasted almost 100 hours of police time but was subsequently jailed for a mere 32 weeks. Not only this but the delivery firm could only identify around 100 of the parcels and could not even find out where the others had originally come from!


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Another horror story, this time on the other side of the globe in Australia, showing you that issues can occur wherever you order your items. Setting the scene, the customer was having an expensive piece of electrical equipment delivered and had received an email and call to say it had been dispatched, although their website wasn’t working to track the item. They received a call to say it would be delivered the next day and unfortunately the customer was out at the time they came so expected it to be delivered again, even though they had left clear instructions to leave it with someone in the sales office of their apartment.


The next day came and the customer had left really specific instructions to make sure it was delivered successfully. However they spent from 9.30am to 1.00pm being called by the courier firm and the driver and having to call back multiple times as the firm or driver were not picking up. The driver eventually answered and spoke in an aggressive loud manner about how he will deliver when it is convenient for him, giving a time of 3.30pm and stating he will not leave it with anyone else, despite the customer saying it was ok.


At 3.50pm, 20 minutes after the driver said he would be there, he turned up and gave them their item along with someone else’s parcel, asking the customer to deliver it to another apartment within the building! This is baffling on its own, let alone after the driver himself said he would not leave their parcel with anyone else for security reasons – always best to know your neighbours!



One customer came home to find the standard letter of “we attempted to deliver your item but you weren’t in” and that the parcel had been left in a safe place (the customers recycling bin at the end of their back laneway) Usually this would have been fine if the customers bin had been in their garden but the reason it was at the end of the lane was because it was a collection day! When the customer went to get the parcel, they expected the worst and sure enough the bin was empty, recycling and the parcel gone. Fortunately the customer was given a full refund, which is the least the courier/supplier could have done.


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This next story has probably already caught your eye in the past as a video of it achieved 200,000 viewers in one day on YouTube, certainly earning the courier firm some publicity. It shows a delivery driver for a renowned courier firm strolling up to a gated property and launching a boxed TV monitor over the wall with some force, then casually walking back to his van and away to his next delivery. What makes this action worse is that the customer was actually home and was awaiting delivery but the driver didn’t even bother to ring the bell on the gate and instead delivered the item with his own highly unorthodox method!


Finally, a short and simple story. The parcel was given to a random passerby in the customer’s street, simply because they said they were the customers neighbour and always took delivery of their parcels. The passerby and parcel were never seen again by the customer.

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A busy street similar to where this Courier Nightmare occurred

Fortunately, stories like these occur once in a blue moon. Urban Valley Transport ensures you do not experience even the slightest of issues with your delivery and are always on hand to help on the off chance that something does go wrong.

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